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Welcome to the slipper revival

It’s not everyday that you find a new emerging brand that captures your undivided attention and stops you in your tracks.

As a designer and lover or footwear I always find it so inspiring to find something so new and exciting that I just can’t wait to own a pair.

Together with designer extraordinaire Mr Bailey, Mahabis have created a ground breaking concept and I for one have put my name down for the first shipment.

Mahabis – welcome to the slipper revival!

Sometime last year we realised that some of our most mundane objects are some of our most loved, but some of our most underserved. In one hand you often carry a highly technical and sculpted consumer electronics device; decades of R&D combined to make a beautiful crafted piece of electronics. And then you slip-on some ill-fitting novelty rabbit slipper, designed to look like you’re walking around in a mattress.

We thought this wasn’t right. This can’t be our only option.

We found out we weren’t the only ones who wanted better slippers. So we started work on mahabis. We wanted to create a product that was beautiful to look at, but paid a nod to the heritage around a product that is centuries old – but also added features fit for a new century, a new time.

Its features, from the collapsible back, designed to make the slipper not only easy to put on, but so that it can be worn like a mule, pays its homage to the Moroccan babouche (and many a broken pair of Vans) to our unique detachable soles, that enable you to customise your mahabis, but also to where your slippers indoors and outdoors. We’ve tried to create a completely new type of footwear experience.

Ankur -Founder, mahabis

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